Ireland Rugby Digit Cake

This combines so many elements to make the most perfect and personal birthday cake – the significant number (5), the significant sport (rugby), the significant team (Ireland), the significant pet (black lab) and the birthday boy himself (Archie!). The Ireland Rugby Digit Cake – from £75. (All numbers available).

Ammar’s 18th Cake

We just love the way these special digit cakes come together – we can’t think of any better way of pulling together several disparate hobbies and interests! Budding guitarist Ammar loves his cat, XBox, Jack Daniels, Poker, working out and is about to study dentistry! Ammar’s 18th Cake – from £100.

Triple Celebration Cupcakes

Cupcakes can traditionally be quite pastel and feminine, so it was great to have free reign on the design and colour scheme of these stunning cupcakes which were gifted to three male family members with birthdays very close to each other! The Triple Celebration Cupcakes – from £3 each (minimum order 12).